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Presenting a Graphic Design Thesis

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    Graphic Design Thesis Should Add to the Discourse in Graphic Design

    Graphic Design Thesis should add new knowledge, ideas and innovation to the discourse in the field of graphic design in addition to demonstrating student’s skills, knowledge and the mastery of the subject. Students studying for Master in Fine Arts degree in graphic design have to do graphic design thesis. Normally M.F.A is the highest degree in graphic design awarded by the universities. The graphic design thesis takes the form of a multi disciplinary nature as the student selects his topic for written and creative parts of a thesis connected to a subject of his interest.

    Type of the Graphic Design Thesis

    Graphic Design Thesis differs basically form the standard academic theses written by students in other disciplines like natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. It explores the techniques and the forms of graphic design in a new and creative way. The student shall select his thesis topic as per his/her interest, so that the thesis can add to the current body of knowledge in the selected area. A thesis in graphic design has two parts. The written component should be results of a research of ideas, innovation and the concepts that can add to the dynamic body of knowledge in the field. Creative or the visual component is the student’s original creative work that supports the written component. These two segments should show connections to each other within the thesis being presented.

    Thesis Topic and the Written Component

    As the graphic design is a vast subject area covering many art forms using many types of materials, media and technologies selection of a topic from the uncountable number of possible topics is a challenge. But the student should be able to select his topic wisely so that he can use his creative talents in design his/her creative component. Some Graphic Design Thesis titles of published theses are here to show the possible diversity.

    • Applying airport signing systems to increase legibility of informational kiosk : a case study and prototype by Wu, Wan-Hua.1999.

    • Prototypical design in medication labeling: case study of the elderly by Brooks, Heather Ashley.1997.

    • Typography in Film title Sequence Design by Yu, Li. 2008

    • Graffiti a visual vernacular as graphic design source by Sung Hun Choi. 2007

    • Creating positive way finding experience by Wang, Yanling. 2005.

    Visual Component

    The visual component of the thesis normally requires the student to create graphic design work in the form or forms he/she selected for his topic. Students have to exhibit their work in a gallery or a website and study the responses and comments from viewers too. The visual component needs to support the thesis of the written paper, demonstrate the points in the thesis. This should be the original work by the student.

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