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Research Paper on Hacking

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    Help With Writing a Research Paper on Hacking

    Technology is inevitably evolving and improving to make our lives easier. Due to this our world is becoming increasingly dependent on computers. This increase in reliance in computers and the inexorable evolution in technology has given rise to what is called Computer Hacking or Cyber Terrorism.

    Due to this growth in the computer hacking industry many students get assigned to write term papers on hacking. There are many aspects to computer hacking and has diverse effects on society. Here is an article that will highlight some of those hacking features and provide a guideline that will help with writing a research paper on hacking.

    The best way to start a research paper on hacking is to talk about how the technology has developed and given rise to these criminals. You can compare and contrast the effectiveness and the necessity of improving technology, with respect to generating motivation to the hackers to break into the system and exploit this new technology for their gains. This can be followed with a brief reporting and statistics on the billions of dollars that these hackers have caused companies to pay in order to prevent and recover from their attacks.

    Then you can explain the various kinds of hackers. Various defense organizations and agencies have categorized three major types of hackers. You can talk about each kind of hacker in your research paper on hacking. You can talk about their average age and skill set, their motives, objectives, and purpose of getting into hacking. You may also show how various organizations have to come to this classification of these hackers, such as White Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers and Script or Packet Kiddies.

    After this categorization of these hackers, you can talk about how various organizations have combated these hackers. How they have used ‘good’ or ‘ethical’ hackers to read the minds of ‘bad’ or ‘destructive’ hackers and have taken safety measures to prevent them from breaking into the system. You can talk about various anti-viruses and spyware that these programmers and ethical hackers have developed to safeguard information and networks from these disruptive hackers.

    Research papers on hacking will also follow the similar composition structure – introduction, body and conclusion. One thing that you need to particularly focus on is the number of statistics on large companies and organizations that were attacked by hackers. This would definitely include Internet giant companies such amazon.com, yahoo.com, and news broadcasting companies like CNN and many others.

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