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Statistics Dissertation Topics

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    One of the dilemmas of students who are not really into numbers and computation is the mandatory task of writing a paper. Or more specifically, writing a dissertation in a mathematical field such as statistics. So here are some easy statistics dissertation topics:

    1. Voting turn-out and voting patterns in a state or city.
    2. An in-depth study of financial data.
    3. Statistical study of genetics.
    4. The use of statistics in psychology (rates and data in gender and behavior patterns).
    5. Debt and inflation rate, as related to a country’s economy.
    6. Election polls and their effect on election results.
    7. The significance of conducting census, then and today.
    8. Racial identity statistics in one geographical location.
    9. The competition in TV ratings and its statistics.
    10. Employment rate and social standing.
    11. Comprehensive study on crime rate and economy.
    12. The ratio of epidemics and social awareness.
    13. Probabilities of cancer cure today.
    14. The poverty rate in the first world countries.
    15. Comparison of development or progress rate in the third world countries.

    One of the important things to consider when selecting from the list of statistics dissertation topics is the feasibility of the topic for the author of the paper. Not all statistical subjects are within the reach of the author, so it is best to first make sure if writing a well-discussed paper is possible with the resources you have. Also, you should not just limit yourself with these suggestions, as these statistics dissertation topics can be more specified, depending on the focal interest of the author. For example, the topic on poverty rate in the first world countries can be narrowed by limiting the study to one country like United States. And lastly, when choosing a research topic, it is best to consider the significance of the study itself. There are instances when a topic is so enticing, but the focal point of the study is already outdated or unnecessary. In writing an academic paper, considering its importance plays a major role in its success.

    The statistics dissertation, although difficult to accomplish, is a fulfilling achievement. Writing a statistical dissertation is always a great contribution in different fields of study. These suggested statistics dissertation topics are wide-ranged, so it will not be difficult to use them as possible topics in different fields too, for ex. the topic of racial identity statistics can also be used in a sociological research paper.

    All in all, the two important factors in writing a statistics project dissertation are the next: the topic should be well-thought; the data must be accurate and adequate to accomplish the purpose of the dissertation.

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