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Term Paper on Crisis Interventions

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    Crisis Intervention is defined as a certain protocol that is to be carried in emergency cases in order to prevent any expected negative psychological trauma. It can be described as one’s perception of experiencing a situation as a difficulty that exceeds the individual’s coping mechanisms

    The role of crisis intervention is to increase stabilization and reduce the effects that have a drastic impact in the long run.

    The focus is on single or recurring problems that are traumatic. If it is not dealt in a healthy manner it can lead to long lasting psychological, social and medical problems. It provides education, guidance and support. Crisis Intervention usually takes place with in a community centre or sanctuaries.

    To start with your term paper on crisis interventions; you need to give an account of its inception. You need to explain the purpose and scope of your term paper. This will include the research objectives, justifications and limitations. The scope will define the boundaries or parameters of your research. You need to perform an extensive literature review which will account as a secondary source of data. This will help you get association with the topic. You need to ask your instructor regarding the referencing style being incorporated by you.

    Next, you should prepare a detailed introduction on crisis intervention including types of crisis, responses to crisis and principles or strategies of crisis counseling being followed universally. Your term paper should also comprise of the 8 elements in crisis intervention and the Top 10 tools to manipulate a psychological ill individual.

    At this stage of your term paper on crisis interventions; you need to develop a frame work or a process work flow that should individually highlight the processes. This should be accompanied by a time line highlighting the aggregate time being consumed to treat one person. The course outline of therapies being used shall also be inducted for better analysis of the Crisis Intervention Model.

    This is the foremost level of your research paper on crisis intervention; you should define how the remedial process of the patient will be carried out. You need to define the key terms used in the term paper for the reference of the reader. Your context should raise questions for the reader to assess the importance of Crisis Counseling/Intervention in the present scenario. You require providing recommendations that include educational and emotional intelligence aspects.

    Finally, you should include a basis for evaluation and monitoring of treated patients. This may consist of a post surveillance study that shall be carried out after every 3 weeks. A process and guidelines review is necessary to write your conclusion. Provide a sufficient bibliography for all your sources of information.

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