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The 7 Deadly Sins of Term Paper Writing!

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    For all the religious people among us, we are taught about the 7 deadly sins at some point in our lives. The one’s who pay no attention to what they are taught; they simply make their way towards punishment from the Creator.

    Moving on from the introduction, let’s get to our actual topic now. Just like the seven deadly sins of life, there are these 7 deadly sins of term paper writing as well and a student has to know what they are in order to avoid them. Given below is a list of the 7 deadly sins of term paper writing for your information so that you can avoid them while writing your term papers.

    1st Sin – When Student Do Not Read Properly!

    To start with, you should attentively read and understand the term paper topic given by your teacher or professor. Never assume anything while trying to understand what the topic implies. You can always ask your teacher or professor to explain things clearly in case you don’t understand anything.

    2nd Sin – Capitalisation Mistakes!

    Remember that proper nouns always start with capital letters. If you do not pay attention to this, you might lose crucial marks for your term paper.

    3rd Sin – Wrong Usage of Words!

    It has been noticed that many students use certain words where they are not required. The use of “its”, “it’s” “their”, “there”, “farther” and “further” in the wrong context is a very common example of this. It is thus very important to understand the difference between these words or you will certainly lose marks and will be adjudged as a poor writer.

    4th Sin – Punctuation Mistakes!

    Using correct punctuation marks is a fundamental part of any sort of writing. Wrong punctuation marks or none when there is a requirement is quite detrimental to your term paper and your reputation as a good student and writer.

    5th Sin – Cheating on the Length of the Term Paper!

    Many students have this habit of not writing their term papers in the required length of pages and then making lame excuses to their teachers for that. You must never try to deceive your teachers or professors by increasing the font size and giving hidden spaces in your term paper. In the end, it is you who is going to suffer the consequences of using such unfair means.

    6th Sin – Writing Improperly and not Keeping the Flow!

    Never write long-winded pages without properly dividing them in to paragraphs. You should know that each separate notion or point needs to be written in a separate paragraph and amalgamating two or more different notions or points makes only a mess of the writing.

    7th Sin – Plagiarism!

    It is not just a sin, plagiarism is a curse. Therefore, never resort to plagiarism while writing your term paper or you may get disqualified for such action apart from your term paper being rejected.

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