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The Battle of Fallen Timbers

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    Research Paper Writing on The Battle of Fallen Timbers

    For help with research paper writing on the Battle of Fallen Timbers, start by saying that it was the final battle between the United States and the Western Confederacy which comprised of Indian tribes allied with the British. The battle ended in a decisive victory for the United States.

    The defeats of the Indians at this battle lead to the signing of the Treaty of Greenville in 1705, which gave control of much of present day Ohio to the United States.

    The reason for this battle was that the Western Confederacy has defeated the United States in many major battles. This alarmed the administration of President George Washington, who asked Revolutionary War Veteran Anthony Wade to organize and command a new army. Wayne was of the opinion that the previous defeats occurred because of poor training and discipline.

    Next in for research paper writing on the Battle of Fallen Timbers, include that General Anthony Wayne began rigorous preparations, and he had enough time to train his army. The Americans wanted to consolidate their possession of lands north of the Ohio River, which they had won from the British, because American settlers were already moving into the area.

    The Shawnee chief Blue Jacket, and Delaware leader Buckonhalhelas, emboldened by the recent victories of United States troops, and hoping for continued British Support moved to the boundaries of the Ohio River, because they rejected previous treaties that gave lands to the north of the Ohio River to the Americans.

    Wayne’s command of the newly trained army of 4,600 soldiers, and some Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians who served as scouts marched north from Fort Washington (Cincinnati) .Blue Jacket decided to take a stand along the Maumee River, where trees had been blown down by a tornado.

    Included for research paper topics on the Battle of Fallen Timbers, are facts like Blue Jacket relied on a British outpost, Fort Miami for provisions for his 1500 man strong army. Along with the Shawnees there were some Delaware’s, Miami’s led by Little Turtle, Wyandots, Ojibwas, Potawatomi’s, Mingos and even some Canadian militia.

    The battle was short and decisive mainly because the Indians were outnumbered, and many Indians were at the fort for provisions when the battle began. The Indians, outflanked by the American army were quickly routed and they ran towards Fort Miami, only to be denied entry as the gates were shut. The British Commander, not authorized to start a war with the Americans, refused shelter to the fleeing Indians.

    Thirty three of Wayne’s soldiers were killed and 100 were wounded. Although the victorious Americans claimed to have 30-40 of the enemy killed, Alexander McKee of the British Indian Department said that the Americans had only killed only 19 Indians.

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