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The Main Points To Learn About Thesis Writing

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    Here are the Main Points You Should Know About Thesis Writing

    The main things to learn about thesis writing can be grouped in to why, what, how, when, where, who. Before you move forward, answer these questions first.

    • Why I am writing this thesis?

    • What is the field of study, what is the topic I am planning to research about, what is the thesis I am trying to build?

    • How am I going to select a topic, collect reading material, do the research, and write the thesis paper?

    • When can I start doing the research, start writing, when should I submit the written thesis paper?

    • Where can I find necessary information, facts, knowledge about previous studies etc.?

    • For whom do I write this thesis, from whom I can get thesis help?

    Understanding the Scope of the Writing

    You should have a good understanding about thesis writing scope. First one is why you write the thesis. Is it as coursework for your diploma, degree or as graduate research? Then with wider scope, why you select the topic and the thesis statement on which you are planning to build your thesis. The level of academic seriousness and level of thinking required depends on the course you are following. Is it a college degree or a master’s degree? The effort you have to exert and the quality you have to achieve will be decided by this factor.

    Selection of Topic and the thesis

    Normally you know the field of study in which you are doing your research. But you have to select a suitable topic and a good thesis for writing your thesis paper. For majority of students this is the most difficult part of the whole exercise of writing the thesis. The ultimate outcome also depends on your selection of the topic and the thesis. It is very difficult to write a thesis on a topic which has not been studied wide enough or deep enough. You will find it difficult to find material for your research. If it is a topic that has been researched thoroughly you may not be able to stimulate enough interest on your thesis paper. Therefore it is your responsibility to select a reasonably serious thesis topic that is likely to create interest. At the same time, it should also be a one in which you have a reasonable level of expertise and familiarity.

    Writing the thesis

    Thesis writing is the main part of this exercise. You have to write an outline for the thesis which can serve as a guide and you may use it as your template. Instead, you may also choose to get a thesis template according to your thesis format. Then read your material collected and note down the points that would support your thesis. And if you find good points against your thesis but you have points to disprove them write about that too. Fill in your template and write your conclusion boldly. Then edit by cutting chopping, rearranging and by adding new things that can come into your mind.

    Read and re-read to eliminate the grammar and spelling mistakes. Do not put hundred per cent of your confidence on your word processors spell check. There are many closely spelled words that can go as correct word. If you have the time, never write the conclusion just after you complete the major writing within the body. Your body and mind will both be exhausted by then and you may opt to write just about anything to get it over with. BUT the conclusion is a key part of a thesis. Everyone who knows about thesis writing will agree to this. So, give its due respect and write it with a fresh mind.

    Planning your work

    Scheduling and working according to a set plan is essential to complete your thesis in time. So it is important to make a plan scheduling starting and completing dates for major items of thesis writing like selection of topic and the thesis statement, collection of data and research material, reading and writing, editing etc. If you made the plan follow it so that you can meet the deadline. This is most essential for students doing part time jobs or doing part time courses. If you do not have much time to do all this you can get help from a friend or refer to a thesis writing guide. After all, too much is riding on your thesis writing and you can not let it score low grades if you intend to pass your course program.

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