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Tips on Descriptive Essay Topics for Bank Exams

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    To be successful, you need to take time to find out details of descriptive essay topics for bank exams. This is very important because from it you will have enough time to prepare adequately; as well as be able to find the right inclination and develop a positive push and determination that might see you the process.

    When choosing descriptive essay topics for bank exams, always remember to factor in your own personal strengths and weaknesses. This is important because it will make it easier for you to accentuate more on your strengths. This will in turn, reduce the overall impact of the weaknesses you might be have in relation to the banks exams. It is important that you understand the objectives of descriptive essay topics for bank exams this way you will be able to handle all the exam sections regardless of the approaches taken.

    These descriptive exams serve as a test to gauge your writing ability as well as communication skills. It is also used by probation officers and any other specialist personnel during recruitment processes.

    Common Descriptive Topics for Bank Exams

    • Essay Writing Topics

    Topics under this section are very diverse and cover a broad range of sectors. However, in descriptive essay topics for bank exams, the main focus is on recent economic issues and development across the globe. These topics cover areas such as:

    • Economic, financial and general banking
    • Recent development and emerging issues related to agriculture and business
    • Sociological problems like poverty, unemployment, discrimination, corruption as well as corporate governance.
    • Paragraph writing topics

    In this section, the candidate is required to write a comprehensive essay exploring a famous quote, proverb or saying. Examples of these are:

    • Charity begins at home.
    • Rome was not built in a day.
    • A friend in need is a friend in deed. Discuss this in relation to the aid given to developing countries.

    Alternatively, you might also be presented descriptive essay topics for bank exams such as;

    • Why do you think wildlife should be protected?
    • Which is the best way to control pollution?

    From these, you will then be expected to come up with an informative paragraph whose main focus is on description of every aspect and character you introduce in the essay.

    • Point of View Question Topics

    These topics require the writer to explore both sides of an argument. You will also be required to go ahead and tell the disadvantages as well as the advantages of that point being true. Take note, everything said should be followed by a substantial argument with valid and well researched reasons.

    • Letter Writing Topics

    These descriptive essay topics for bank exams consist of informal letters; formal letters as well as any other official letters for business. Depending on the type of letter required by the examiner, you may be required to describe yourself either in a personal or professional manner. Alternatively, the descriptive letter writing topic may require the candidate to describe their achievements.

    In conclusion, answering questions from past papers is a great way to prepare for the essay topics in bank exams. This serves as a way to kick start your examination preparation and brings you one step closer to getting into your chosen field of work, the bank. Remember, doing all the above at the right moment and in the right manner will contribute immensely to your success.

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