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Tips on Writing a Mechanical Engineering Thesis

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    Mechanical Engineering Thesis is Meant to Examine a Key Engineering Problem

    Mechanical Engineering Thesis is written by students studying for Master’s Degree or a Doctorate in the field of Engineering. A mechanical engineering thesis is written to present findings of a research study aimed at solving a problem coming within the scope of engineering studies related. There is large number of different subjects taught under the discipline of mechanical engineering. Problems encountered in mechanical engineering are also divers and offer multitude of thesis topics for students to choose from.

    Selecting a Good Topic for the Research

    The general process of topic selection for engineering subjects differs from that of other subjects in most instances. Students will have to select their mechanical engineering thesis topics from a list of prospective research questions available with the university. Some of these are funded by various organizations and some are funded by the university. The scope of the research projects are limited by the facilities and the resources available at the department of study in each different university. Students need to study the list of available research projects and select one or two projects that interest him/her. After careful analysis and consideration of the projects, meeting the relevant supervisors to discuss and come to a final selection of the project is important.

    Research Proposal is the First Phase of the Thesis

    The first step in any research project is to prepare a proposal and get it approved by the thesis committee. To prepare the proposal, students will have to identify the current understanding and the knowledge on the selected topic or the research problem. This preliminary study will produce a brief literature review on the topic. Based on what is already known on the subject, students must then select a topic which is yet to be understood and explained. Some topics may have been researched by other scholars but the explanations may not be sufficient or questionable. Then the student has to develop a thesis statement that fully encompasses the problem to be studied. The research methodology including the experiments to be performed, equipment and apparatus to be used and time frame involved must be mentioned in the proposal. In addition to these, methods for data analysis as well as detailed budgets and time plan are also important components of the thesis proposal.

    Proceeding Ahead with the Thesis

    Once the thesis proposal is approved, the student will have to start the research according to the proposed plan. Carrying out the design work, ordering the prototypes to be made and setting up the experiments will have to be done by the students as soon as possible, keeping in mind that contingencies may arise. In most mechanical engineering experiments there will be special apparatus involved and ensuring that they are ordered and procured on schedule will be the student’s responsibility. Use of a thesis outline that guides the thesis writing is important for staying within the thesis plan and ensuring a proper structure to the written report.

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