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Tips on Writing a Senior Thesis

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    Writing a Senior Thesis can satisfy intellectual Curiosity

    Usually a senior thesis is not a mandatory requirement for most undergraduate programs. However, students who have ambitions for studying further, and reading for higher degrees like Masters or Doctorates can write a senior honors thesis. Besides, writing a thesis can satisfy the student’s intellectual curiosity on a favorite topic. Completing such a task successfully can pave the way to study for a PhD with confidence. Some students plan their graduate studies well ahead and write senior honors thesis on topics in the same subject areas that they intend to pursue PhD studies in.

    Many Advantages of Writing a Senior Thesis

    Most students elect to write a thesis for their majors because of the many advantages brought by it. They are:

    • Enhancing the research, analytical and writing skills that will help the students in their future careers in, business or academic fields.

    • Getting valuable experience that will give a head start when starting in their future careers.

    • Research and the writing of a thesis at undergraduate level will help enormously, when they move on to writing a Masters of Doctoral thesis.

    • The project also opens up better interactions with the faculty and opportunities to work with the advisors. This will be helpful in securing a good place for the student’s future graduate studies.

    Steps involved in writing a Senior Thesis

    Any difficult project becomes more manageable when it is done in smaller steps. Identifying different tasks involved in the writing process will be helpful for the student in writing an outstanding thesis within the time frame. Steps in writing a senior thesis are:

    • Choosing an appropriate topic that is of current interest, and interesting to the student.

    • Planning, setting goals and making a thesis plan.

    • Researching, brainstorming and making notes.

    • Writing a First draft.

    • Editing and revising.

    • Proofreading the final version.

    • Submission and defending the Thesis.

    A senior Thesis is a Precursor for Postgraduate Thesis

    All the above steps are equally important in any type of thesis. Students will have to learn to carry out all these tasks to complete their theses to high standards and in time. In addition to following the plan, they can a good read thesis sample and get advice from their supervisors. Opting to write a senior thesis can be considered as a precursor to a postgraduate thesis, as the experience of writing the undergraduate thesis can be invaluable for future scholarly endeavors. Students normally write a senior thesis if they are aspiring to pursue postgraduate studies in future.

    Getting Help for Writing a Thesis

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