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US Policy Towards Afghanistan

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    Help With College Essay Writing on US Policy Towards Afghanistan

    For help with college essay writing on US policy towards Afghanistan, keep in mind that the US policy towards any country has only one goal, and that is to protect what the Americans perceive as “American strategic interests in the region”.

    Afghanistan is no exception to that goal, and more for protecting its perceived economic interests, and consolidating its hegemonic power in the region than for any humanitarian considerations, the US has made and implemented its policies.

    When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979, American perceived that the balance of power in the region had shifted, putting the Red army within striking distance of Pakistan, and a very vulnerable Iran, where America’s staunchest ally, the Shah of Iran had just abdicated. This Soviet invasion was considered by the US as the most dangerous threat to World peace since World War II.

    For further help with college paper writing on US policy towards Afghanistan, mention that although the Americans considered Afghanistan of little importance by itself, but the area around it, that is the Persian Gulf, and the sea lines and ports of the Indian Ocean were critical for the oil routes to the Western World. This meant denying the Soviets a foot hold in Afghanistan.

    Two of America’s closest allies in the Region, Pakistan and Iran under the Shah helped protect America’s power and interests in the region. However, after the fall of the Shah, and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan things changed, and the Americans depended mainly on Pakistan to deny the Soviets access to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea.

    Also to elaborate help with college essay writing on US policy towards Afghanistan, I suggest you add that the Americans supplied sophisticated arms and tremendous amounts of money to the Afghan resistance (the “Mujahedeen”) or freedom fighters to counter the Red Army.

    After the withdrawal of the Soviet Army, America forgot about Afghanistan, while the resistance fighters, who had plenty of arms and money, fought each other for control of Afghanistan. This civil war came to an end when the Taliban, under the leadership of Mullah Omar occupied Afghanistan. Mullah Omar’s Taliban were supported by Pakistan and its intelligence agency the ISI to gain strategic depth in Afghanistan.

    The American policy took another U-turn when the Taliban gave sanctuary to Saudi national Osama Bin Laden, who had declared war on America because of its support of Israel, and its influence in the Muslim World, especially Saudi Arabia.

    Hhelp with college essay writing on US policy towards Afghanistan, will also come if add that with the American attack on Afghanistan, instigated by Osama Bin Laden’s destruction of the World Trade Towers and the partial destruction of the Pentagon. Reviewing American policy anywhere, it can be described as only protecting perceived American economic interests.

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