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What’s a thesis statement?

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    Every type of the paper should have the primary aim and the main idea. As a writer you enrich the writing with different statements and arguments but remember that they should reflect the main idea. The central sentence that is dedicated to the main idea is called thesis statement.

    Working thesis statement — is very clearly and briefly formulated main provisions of scientific work, reports, articles. You should address in detail to one particular issue, to make all your applications be justified by the contents of the document being prepared. The best of them allow us to find a new and unusual way to look at the topic under consideration.

    We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the thesis statement. As a rule, these are the logically connected sentences that are linked by the one topic. We highly recommend you to write them using the academic rules and tone. Try to avoid passive voice as it can make the sentences convoluted. Each argument should have only one idea. Be sure that perfect and correct thesis is precise and answers the question of the target audience. It should contain not more than 1 or 2 sentences. You need them to be limited, and your paper will look organized.

    What are the steps to developing a working thesis statement?

    To thesis, as well as to any other professionally written text, there are some requirements. Despite the fact that some of the items are related to their composition, you should not forget that this is not a literary work, this is scientific work with all its requirements. There are three easy steps to develop a working thesis statement:

    1. Do not invent a thesis just to check its validity. It is the final point of the research you’ve conducted, and not it's beginning. You need an argument, which you can back up with evidence.

    2. They convey to the reader key ideas or arguments that you give in the text of the main document. For the reader, they serve as a roadmap indicating the course of your thoughts or analysis and explaining your interpretation of the importance of the topic under consideration. In other words, the content of the thesis answers the question: "What will be discussed in the document?".

    3. They are placed at the very beginning of the document, usually at the end of the first paragraph or somewhere in the introduction. Despite the fact that people tend to look for abstracts at the end of the first paragraph of the text, their location may depend on many factors, for example, how long you need an introduction before you can go to the thesis, or how large the document is.

    To make all the information clear, we want to show you some good thesis statement examples. Ask yourself a question, and the answer to it will do a thesis. Regardless of how difficult the subject you are considering, almost all of them can be presented in the form of answers to certain questions:

    Question: Why people are so irritated by vegans, feminists and other "morally oriented" groups of the population?.

    Answer: After a thorough sociological study, we found out that people think that representatives of "morally oriented" groups look on others as "second-class people," and this provokes anger and conflicts from scratch.

    Another strong thesis statement example:

    Question: What are the advantages of using computer technology in the classroom of the fourth grade of the school?

    Answer: Computers allow the fourth-graders to begin to obtain technological and scientific knowledge at the earliest stage.

    Structure of a thesis statement

    The main idea of the structure is to indicate sections and sub-sections, synthesize your notes and to be guided by an outline. In other words, structure explains how to write it. Think of it as a case that you want to win as a lawyer in court. It should explain the essence of the case to the readers and the facts supporting it. Also, you can think of it as a bilateral contract. Presenting those ideas to the readers, that they are not ready for, can force them to turn away from you.

    What are the types of the thesis?

    If you’re faced with the task where you need to identify and explain the two types of thesis statements, don’t panic, as not all essays are written for the purpose of persuasion or training. Understanding the purpose of writing a document will help you to choose the best variant.

    1. The analytical document breaks the subject of the research into separate parts in order to learn better and understand it. Good examples of thesis statements of analytical paper are: "The dynamics of relations between different generations is the main conflict in the play, as age becomes the motivating motive for the violence and excesses to which King Lear has been subjected."

    2. The discussion paper is aimed at getting feedback from listeners to discuss the issue and, ultimately, to change their opinion. An example of a discussion thesis: "Without a firm hand and certain decisions of Barack Obama, America would never have been able to get out of the hole in which it was in the early 2000s".

    Have you ever heard that different people learn in different ways? Well, we think it’s true, that’s why we tried to explain to you what is a thesis, where does a thesis statement go and where to put a thesis statement?

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