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Writing a Drama Performance Essay for Gregory’s Girl

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    In GCSE, students are given an assignment to perform a drama of the 1981 Scottish coming-of-age romantic comedy film “Gregory’s Girl.” The film has an interesting plot especially to GCSE aged youngsters because it is a clever story of romance involving characters of the GCSE age group.

    The following are some salient features of drama essays on students’ drama performance of Gregory’s Girl:

    • Behind the Scenes – Behind the scenes experiences in preparing, practicing and performing the drama are shared by the student. In the students’ drama essays, they recount anecdotal stories of the experiences they had. Most of the stories are about the development of their relationships as classmates, teammates and friends. These stories are very interesting to other students and classmates because they tell experiences of friendship, conflict, inspiration and admiration among others. The stories are also interesting to teachers because they will get to know more about their students who are very dear to them.
    • Academic Aspect – Stories about how the participants academically prepared for the drama performance are one focus or sub-topic in the drama essays. The student tells how he or she prepared, practiced and performed. This part or aspect is very important to the teacher as this is where he or she will get the meat of which a mark will be given. This is where the academic learning can be measured.
    • Learnings – The student writes in his or her drama performance essay the learnings he or she has derived both academically and life wise. The drama essays are the source of insights on what the students have learned and how successful the educational activity has become. The essay tells also about the values in life that the students have learned or what they already have.

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