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    Use HOLLIS to search for Harvard Thesis

    Harvard Thesis refers to any thesis or dissertation written and submitted by the students of Harvard University in full or partial fulfillment of degree requirements. Every year a large number of theses are added to the collection of Harvard theses to the digital libraries of Harvard University Library. Together with the theses from the past years this makes a big collection of scholarly knowledge. Harvard thesis collection can be searched and accessed by Harvard On-Line Library Information System (HOLLIS). Hollis contains the catalogs for all the libraries at different locations of the University.

    What are the Topics of Harvard Thesis?

    Harvard University has three campuses and thirteen graduate schools offering about a thousand Master’s and Doctoral degrees every year. All the students who are granted these degrees write a thesis or a dissertation. These theses are written on the topics selected from the subject areas they study for their degrees. Harvard has been ranked first among the US universities and world universities many times. Harvard has earned first place in rankings in different subject areas also. Harvard Thesis can be very helpful for researchers all over the world in many subject areas.

    Harvard Thesis That has Become Famous

    There are some Harvard theses that have become famous due to controversies surrounding them or the importance of the topic or the discoveries and findings presented in them. Most recent Harvard thesis to gain such publicity is the undergraduate economics thesis by A.K.Barnett-Hart, titled “The Story of the CDO Market Meltdown: An Empirical Analysis.” It is a brilliant thesis winning summa cum laude and many thesis honors, including the Harvard Hoopes Prize for outstanding scholarly work. Another Harvard thesis that became the center point of a controversy recently is President Barak Obama’s thesis titled “Appeasement at Munich”. Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-Jeou’s Harvard thesis “Trouble Over Oily Waters: Legal Problems of Seabed Boundaries and Foreign Investments in the East China Sea” also is the focus of a recent controversy. Daniel J. Goldhagen’s doctoral thesis called “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” also is another controversial Harvard Thesis.

    Harvard Thesis That Became a Great Thesis

    Harvard Alumni has produced 43 Nobel laureates so for. Many are in peace and Economics. But there are other Nobel Winners have received the awards for Medicine, Chemistry and Physics too. A. Michael Spence won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001 for economic theories based on his Harvard doctor thesis.

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