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Writing a Heartfelt Thesis Acknowledgement

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    Thesis Acknowledgement Shows the Gratitude of the Writer

    Thesis acknowledgement is written to express the gratitude of the writer of the thesis to persons who helped him/her during the research process and the writing of the thesis. This is a fairly straightforward piece of writing which needs to be restricted to few simple sentences. The author of the thesis should decide the people he owes thanks and the names that have to be included in the acknowledgement. Although there are no special formats for writing an acknowledgement, it has to following the style manual of the selected writing style. The usual place for the acknowledgement is just after the cover page. Placing the acknowledgement before everything avoids, interrupting the reader after starting to read the thesis proper.

    Why write an Acknowledgement?

    An acknowledgement is not compulsory for a thesis, but writing an acknowledgement has many advantages. When carrying out a research project and writing a thesis it is essential to get advice, guidance, support, inspiration and encouragement from others. Mentioning them and acknowledging the help is an act of respect and gratitude. If many people were involved in many tasks, it can show how much work and effort has gone into the thesis. If the project was supervised and guided by famous and respected persons, the thesis will be highly recognized. By reading a thesis sample, students can understand how an acknowledgement is written.

    Who deserves to be mentioned?

    The first question that comes to mind when starting to write the thesis acknowledgement is who to be mentioned. This is little tough. But it is totally up to the author and he/she only knows the answer. However, preparing a list including all persons and editing it many times is advisable. When writing, it is good practice to start with the most important persons. Most important persons can be mentioned individually. However, it is easier to group people than mention their names and thank them together in case of people who helped in simple but useful tasks. For instance, large groups of people like participants in a survey can be thanked as a group.

    Thesis Supervisor is important

    Author and the supervisor are equally important for the success of the thesis. Supervisor’s guidance is very significant, especially for a doctoral thesis. The student as the author has to give credit and should be grateful and should acknowledge this fact. Usually, it takes the first place in almost all the thesis acknowledgements. As the supervisor has to play a major role in the acceptance of the thesis, acknowledging the value of his/her help prominently is a must.

    Writing brilliant Thesis Acknowledgement

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