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Writing a Marketing Thesis that is a Sellout

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    Marketing Thesis Serves Both Academia and Marketing Professionals

    Students planning to write a marketing thesis needs to find a good, interesting and researchable topic coming under the ambit of marketing management. Students pursuing careers in marketing or any other area of management have to study marketing management as a core subject or an option. In today’s business world, marketing can be the most important function that contributes to the profitability of a business. Therefore the marketing thesis written by a student may be immensely useful even for established businesses. Students writing marketing theses should therefore, do their best to generate interest from professionals in addition to fulfilling the requirements for the degree.

    How to find Good Topics for a Marketing Thesis

    As marketing is a vast and growing area of knowledge, finding a topic for a marketing thesis is not a problem. But the problem lies in selecting one from the multitude of possible topics even in a narrow area within marketing discipline. Students should not limit the search for a topic to the recommended texts, lecture notes and the areas covered in the discussions. They can discuss even with professionals working in the field of marketing and collect possible topics before deciding on the best topic from the collected topics. Since this is a very practice oriented subject, it is important that the thesis writer finds a real life marketing problem that had not been adequately explained.

    Some Sample Topics for the Marketing Thesis

    Students can read the journals of professional marketing organizations, business magazines and watch business TV channels with alert to get ideas for a topic for the marketing thesis. Web sites on marketing management also can be good sources for thesis ideas. Some sample thesis topics are mentioned below.

    • Use of Internet in developing and shaping global distribution and market entry strategies by global firms.

    • Many companies target prime time TV advertising to reach younger markets for achieving their marketing objectives.

    • The effects of recession on marketing the branded products and generic products.

    Formulating a Thesis and Writing the Thesis Statement

    Once a topic is selected it is possible for creating a thesis and writing a thesis statement. The thesis and the thesis statement written at the beginning is called a working thesis and may have to be changed with the progress of the research. Thesis is the main idea or the argument of the thesis paper. The thesis statement has to be concise, focused and specific. But it should be complete and cover the full scope of the thesis paper. The students shall work according to a plan if they are to write a successful marketing thesis. They shall prepare a thesis plan, a thesis time table, and a thesis outline.

    How to get Appropriate Thesis Help

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