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Writing a Touching Thesis Acknowledgment

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    Show your Gratitude in Thesis Acknowledgment

    Thesis acknowledgment is the place where the student acknowledges the assistance he/she got to carry out the project and write the thesis. Thanking those who helped not only shows the good qualities of the writer but helps the thesis to be recognized by others. Though some students do not realize the importance of this vital, but optional section of the thesis it can soften the hearts of the thesis evaluating committee members too. Acknowledgment is attached after the cover page and before the content page. This will help the reader to go through the thesis without any interruption.

    Be Thankful from the Start

    From the very beginning of the thesis project, student will have to get various helps from many people. At the time of writing the acknowledgment, these helps may have been forgotten. Knowing that all those helps have to be mentioned it is advisable to note them down in a diary. This will help the student write the acknowledgment without much difficulty. Thesis help from supervisor, advisors and the professors has to be mentioned and their knowledge, intelligence, kindness, and support have to be praised, and they have to be thanked first. Use the best praises for the supervisor.

    People who ought to be mentioned

    Thesis supervisor, other professors and lecturers who provided assistance are the most important and their support have to be acknowledged; they have to be praised and thanked individually. When thanking library staff, laboratory staff and other department staff thank them in groups, mentioning the names of the heads and others who were especially helpful. If the research involved a survey or some interviews with people, the participants also can be thanked as a group.

    Outside organizations that provided useful information and allowed the use of their facilities etc should be mentioned. If any copywrited information is used, the owners of copyright have to be thanked. Finally, the parents, family members, friends and the colleagues have to be thanked in the thesis acknowledgment, for support and encouragement.

    Use the appropriate Language to praise and thank

    The language used for the acknowledgment has to be appropriate for the purpose. Read a thesis sample to get an idea of the language used for acknowledgment. Use the following phrases:

    • This thesis was made possible due to the masterly guidance of …..

    • I am fortunate to have …… as my advisors

    • I am pleased to thank every one who supported me ….….

    • I would never forget the help I got from ………

    • I owe my deepest gratitude to ……….

    • It is an honor for me to ….

    • I am very much grateful to M/s …. for allowing access and use of their facilities,

    • I would like to thank ……

    • I owe a lot to my colleagues who supported me in ….

    Write a Heartwarming Acknowledgment with Help from Professionals

    A thesis is not something to be thrown away after the student is awarded the degree. Most of the theses that contain new knowledge are referenced by other researchers and the academics. Some outstanding doctoral thesis may be used by others, long time after it is written. Therefore the thesis acknowledgment also should give the credit to those who deserve it. The students may get professional help to write a heartwarming acknowledgment matching the thesis.

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