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Writing an Impressive Obama College Thesis

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    Obama College Thesis has many Lessons for Students

    Obama college Thesis written for Columbia University in 1983 was a controversial topic during the presidential campaign in 2008. Michelle Obama’s college thesis written for Princeton University also was a highly talked about topic during the campaign. Though the campaign of the opponents tried to gain advantage from the fact that both theses were made unavailable by the two universities, Obama won the presidential election and became 44th president of USA. Learning the reasons why public was not given access to these theses and what the theses contain will provide many lessons to students, especially those who are ambitious of high office.

    What Happened to Barack Obama’s College Thesis?

    The controversy on the Obama college thesis started when excerpts from a thesis attributed Obama was published in a blog during the presidential election campaign. Students can focus on Obama college thesis by seeking out the two documents that were discussed as the thesis written by Barack Obama at Columbia University.

    The first one is titled “Aristocracy Reborn” and it is critical about the Constitution and claims that the constitution does not allow economic freedom. The other document is not a thesis but a research paper on “Soviet nuclear Disarmament”. Though there were many discussions, the information, facts and the arguments were not conclusive. Any of the two alleged theses are not available for verification of the arguments.

    What to Write and what not to write in a College Thesis

    Columbia University did not permit access to the Obama college thesis. This goes to show students writing a college essay thesis, that the opinions expressed in a thesis can have serious repercussions in their later life. What is written by a student in a thesis, especially in a doctoral thesis will not be forgotten and will stay in the public eye throughout the author’s life. The opposite campaign by Republicans tried to use Obama’s stand on the shortcomings in the constitution against him. The ideas on the discrimination of blacks at the universities stated in Michelle Obama’s college thesis were the other reason why they got the University to restrict access to the thesis. Students should therefore contemplate carefully whether they are ready for challenges lying ahead when they choose controversial thesis topics for their degree studies.

    Getting Thesis Help and Advice is Very Important

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