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Writing an Interesting Barack Obama Thesis

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    Barack Obama Thesis Can be Written on Many Topic Areas

    If a student is required to write a Barack Obama thesis there are many topics that can be examined. There are many aspects of Barack Obama’s life, his faith, his campaign, His presidency and the policies that can provide many good thesis statements. As the 44th president of America he has earned many firsts, though some are still under debate. But everybody agrees that he is the first African American President of U.S.A. One can argue that his mother is not African American but she has English and German heritage. Most of the topics are controversial in nature. Let us examine the areas where good theses can be written.

    Barack Obama’s Descent

    This is an area that can be examined. His father is a Kenyan and the Mother has British and German heritage. As this is the first time a president with such a lineage got elected, this provides many good thesis ideas.

    Barack Obama’s Early Life

    This again is an interesting area of work which had to face many changes. He was born in Hawaii which makes him the first US president to be born in Hawaii. His parents divorced when he was three years old and his mother remarried to an Indonesian and he lived four years of his childhood in Indonesia. He returned to Hawaii and lived with his maternal grandparents until he went to California for studying at Occidental College. The fact that his childhood was spent with many multiracial and multi religious backgrounds, may have had a significant impact on his character, and thinking. The turbulent family relations also may have had an impact. You can do some research and find a topic that connects these aspects with his thinking mainly on the social and international issues.

    Barack Obama’s Education

    This too is an interesting area of discussion and even somewhat controversial as there are some unsettled debates about his graduating thesis. He has attended primary schools in Indonesia and middle high school in Hawaii. He has had his undergraduate education in Occidental college Los Angeles and Columbia University in New York. He earned B.A. degree from Columbia majoring in Political science. He earned his Doctorate in Law with highest honors from Harvard Law School. The thesis he submitted for his degree in Columbia University was the subject of a hot debate recently. That also can be a good topic for a Thesis. If one decide to write a Barack Obama Thesis on the controversial Barack Obama’s thesis, then you have chosen a topic that has been the centre of the stage from the days of his presidential campaign in 2008. It took many twists during the last many months. The most notable turn of the controversy started with excerpts from an alleged thesis written by Barack Obama in his graduating year at Columbia University in a blog.

    Barack Obama’s Talents

    This obviously is a man of many talents and his career with prolific progressions is a good evidence of this. The skills you can focus upon are as a community organizer, civil rights attorney, an author, a law professor and serving at the top of NGO’s also could provide many topics for the thesis.

    Barack Obama’s Political Career

    This stared with his election as State Senator in 1996. He became a U.S. Senator in 1995. His political career and the political campaigns can also be examined in a Barak Obama thesis. His presidency is now in the second year. His political views, legislation he initiated and introduced, his economic policies on global recession and his foreign policy stands are very good topics for thesis for students of political science.

    Barack Obama’s election as 44th president of United States of America, the most powerful nation on the planet and his varied talents, unusual background, bold stands on controversial issues both national and global and the honesty in his dealings provide many topics for serious students for serious thesis writing.

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