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Do You Know What a Thesis Statement Is?

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    A Thesis Statement is Important to both the Reader and Writer

    When it comes to writing theses, many students are not clear as to what it is and how to write one. If you are one of these clueless souls do not despair excessively! You are among the common majority. But if you intend to pass your degree, you can not afford to be in this majority category but get yourself transferred to the “know it all” department where thesis writing is concerned. If you intend to educate yourself on the intricacies of thesis writing, then you should first of all understand what a thesis statement is. This is one of the key parts of a thesis.

    Understanding the Thesis Statement Better

    A thesis statement sums up the gist of the entire paper in to a single concise statement. In the case of an essay, it provides a concise and precise idea of what the entire essay is about. When it comes to a thesis paper, a good thesis statement will outline what the thesis research will investigate and aim to prove. Lack of a thesis statement will lead to writing that lacks focus. A thesis statement keeps the focus of the topic narrow and manageable. For example, if you are to write on Capital Punishment, you may not be able to discuss all the types of capital punishment in one thesis. Therefore, you will narrow the topic down to a sub topic on capital punishment which can be death by lethal injection, electric chair or hanging and discuss one option clearly.

    A thesis statement is a flexible one. If, while writing, you find new information which needs to be included in the thesis, you need to be able to change the thesis statement. There are some instances when you would have covered the area being studied but the thesis statement mentions more than what you are capable of inputting. Then too, the thesis statement should be changed. However if you are writing your thesis research, you would most likely have gotten approval for a particular thesis statement at proposal stage. If this is the case, then changing it will require fresh approval from the tutor or the thesis committee.

    Writing the Thesis Statement

    The structure of the thesis statement will depend on the type of paper being written. However, there are some elements which are common to all types of thesis statements. A good thesis statement should contain a valid argument and a good reason for the argument. For example, if you are writing an Abortion thesis, your argument might be “abortion is harmful to the mother and the unborn foetus”. This is the argument and your central theme would also be this which you will aim to support. Refer to some good thesis statement example for more clarity on this matter.

    What Does the Thesis Statement Accomplish?

    The thesis statement accomplishes many tasks both for the writer as well as the reader. For the writer, it ensures that he or she remains focused on what is being discussed, helps the writer to plan on what he or she will write. From the reader’s point of view, the thesis statement will help him or her to identify the key element of the paper and will keep the reader focused while providing adequate details to understand the argument.

    As a thesis statement is vital for the writing of a good thesis, you should ensure that you excel at writing an effective thesis statement. Only once you master the writing of the thesis statement will you be able to submit a well written thesis paper.

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