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How to Make a Thesis Statement

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    Students have to Learn How to Make a Thesis Statement When they Start their Thesis Paper

    How to make a thesis statement is something that the students shall know before starting their thesis paper. Knowing about the characteristics of a good thesis statement is the first step to making an effective thesis statement. There are three main purposes served by the thesis statement. First of all, it informs the reader about the main idea of the thesis paper. Then it guides the writer to organize and develop the main argument of the paper. Finally it also allows for summarizing the main argument in the paper in a very concise way.

    Start with a Working Thesis and Change it if Required

    Once the student decides on the topic of his/her thesis and selects a thesis idea then a working thesis can be written. The student needs to deeply research on the topic and gather relevant data and information in order to write the thesis paper. With the findings of the research, student may find that the thesis statement does not correctly or adequately express the main argument of the thesis paper. When faced with such situations, the student will have to change the thesis statement to reflect the changes due to new findings. Starting with a working thesis becomes necessary for getting the approval for the thesis proposal. This approach is nothing new to students who know How to make a thesis statement

    Thesis Statement is Specific and Concise

    A good thesis statement has to be specific. It should contain only one argument and shall never confuse the thesis statement by using more than one idea or argument. The thesis statement needs to be concise but it should fully state the argument of the thesis paper. The often repeated idea that the thesis has to be stated in one sentence is misleading. If there is a need the thesis statement may use two or three sentences to correctly express the thesis. A strong introduction can help to summarize the main argument in the thesis statement of the paper more concisely.

    Examples for Thesis Statements

    It is easy for the students to learn the basics of creating a thesis statement by studying thesis statement example. Here are some examples for good thesis statements.

    • Organ trade makes both the seller and buyer live longer.

    • Governments should subsidize the hybrid and electric vehicles to control urban air pollution

    • Research on a vaccine for HIV is not progressing because AIDS is considered a “Poor Man’s Disease”

    • Funds spent for Parapsychology Departments in Universities is a waste of resources

    • Simple content control software is not adequate to protect children from exposure to violence, pornography and gambling in the internet

    Write Great Thesis Statements with Help from Experts

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