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Unconventional Tips On How To Start A Thesis Statement

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    The hardest part of writing a thesis is getting a head start that will guarantee a smooth ride along the way. In case of the thesis writing this head start is all about how to start a thesis statement that will create the right kind of setting for your work.

    Students often underestimate the importance of a strong and compelling thesis statement. They tend to focus more on conducting thorough research or quoting reputable sources and leave writing the actual statement for later. On the contrary, the brightest academics and professors agree that every student should know how to start a thesis and should begin writing their thesis statement at early stages of dissertation crafting.

    Your thesis statement is a direction that will take you to where you want to arrive – successful defense and PhD title acquisition in future. That’s why it’s worth spending extra time and effort to make it perfect.

    Keys to crafting the right thesis statements:

    Think of a purpose

    For many people of the outside world it seems like everything academics do has no real meaning and is an abstract set of words on tons of unrelated pages. But we know that it’s not true. Every paper, essay, chapter and sentence should have a clear aim it will achieve.

    A thesis statement is a condensed version of your dissertation. Which means that a good thesis statement should serve two main functions:

    • Briefly and clearly explain the idea of your work;
    • Guide you through the thesis writing process by outlining main focus areas for your research;

    So firstly, after reading through this paragraph, the reader should get a clear understanding of your thesis idea and position on the matter. But secondly, by putting in writing what your work is about, you will understand better what arguments need to be developed and what facts or data is too much.

    Ask a question

    The best answer we could give you on how to start a thesis statement would be to ask yourself some questions.

    • Why this matter is important to the academic community?
    • What is it you want to prove in your work?
    • How will you prove it?
    • What is your position on the materials produced before?
    • What impact will it have?

    It doesn’t mean that a good thesis statement should be formulated in interrogative manner. What’s most important for you are the answers to these questions. These responses represent the core of how to start a thesis paper – think of what matters to you and your readers and put it in two or three sentences!

    Be specific

    We already agreed above that a thesis statement should narrow the focus of your work and get the readers interested in reading it. That’s why make sure you know how to start a thesis statement that is free of vague notions and general assumptions.

    Here are some tips that will help you:

    • If you had to read a similar paper but from a different student, could this statement be used to describe his work? If yes – you need to articulate your point more specifically.
    • Avoid general words such as “people” or “values” and substitute them with a concrete “Asian males who study mathematics” or “tendency to donate to charity at least 1% of their income”.

    Find the right place

    Another question that dwells in the mind of many future PhD holders along with how to start a thesis paper is actually where to place it! Obviously it has to be in the thesis introduction where the student asserts his or her position on the subject.

    It’s best not to place it all the way towards the end of the introduction. The most popular way is to use thesis statement as a policy umbrella that is announced in first or second paragraph of the introduction part.

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