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How to Write a Teaching Thesis?

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    Teaching Thesis examines the Topics in Education

    Teaching thesis is a partial or the full requirement for the award of a degree in Education. It is customary for some universities to award Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts degrees while some universities award degrees like Bachelor of Education, Master of Education or Bachelor of Science Education. Students are expected to write their theses on topics connected to Education. Teaching and learning are two major areas of study in the Education field. Majority of the students following degree courses in Education opt for writing a thesis on teaching.

    Teaching Thesis Topics

    Most students who follow degrees in Education either become teachers at various levels or go into careers connected to teaching, such as curriculum development, and educational Psychology. They select their topics for theses from the major areas in education like teaching and learning, curriculum development and teaching methodologies or Education Psychology. The research projects undertaken by the students in Education may involve extensive surveys among students and teachers. After selection of the topic, students have to identify a research problem and formulate a thesis. The thesis statement should describe the research problem clearly and completely.

    Sample Topics for Teaching Thesis

    Selection of a good topic for writing the teaching thesis is a challenge for most students. Here are some suggested topics.

    • Study leadership styles of school principals: difference between male and female principals, effectiveness of different styles, relationship between leadership style and performance.

    • Performance based incentive payments to teachers: Teachers attitudes towards the incentives, Effect of the incentives on the performance, Study on evaluation methods for performance

    • Dropout rates: Causes for dropping out among high school students, teachers’ role in preventing dropouts, dropout ratio as a performance indicator for teachers and principals.

    • Problems in teaching foreign students with English language as medium of instruction

    • Problems faced by teachers when teaching “gifted children” with their non gifted peers

    How to write the Teaching Thesis

    Writing the thesis becomes easier with a well drawn out plan and a thesis outline. In fact,

    A thesis written without a plan and a thesis outline is doomed to failure. Therefore, students should plan the whole thesis writing process, taking into consideration, the time involved in carrying out surveys, getting necessary permissions, and the approvals from relevant school authorities etc. Adequate time should be allowed for unforeseen delays. With the progress of the research work the plans will have to be revised. Revisions may bring in requirements for more resources. Students have to be well aware of the possibilities and be prepared. Ethical concerns are rife in this field as vulnerable groups are involved as children in most educational surveys. Care should be taken to comply with all ethical research requirements to ensure that the thesis is not rejected at submission stage.

    Is Thesis Help Worthwhile?

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