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How to Write Thesis Statement

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    Learn How to Write Thesis Statement before Embarking on the Thesis Project

    How to write thesis statement is the question the students face after selecting an appropriate topic. A preliminary research has to be done before the decision on topic, creating the thesis and writing the thesis statement. An in-depth research with a focus on the thesis topic and the thesis can be done only after writing the thesis statement. However the thesis statement may need modification or change when the research progresses. But the thesis statement written at the beginning serves as the working thesis statement till the final version of the thesis is written.

    Creating a Thesis and Writing the Thesis Statement

    Selection of a narrow enough topic within the subject area of the research, creating a thesis and writing the thesis statement is interconnected and cannot be considered alone. Sometimes the student may have a problem to be solved or has a predetermined research idea. In such a case student has only to define the scope of the project and put the thesis idea or the research question into words to get the thesis statement. To explain simply, the “thesis” of the thesis, dissertation or research paper is the main idea, main argument or the research question that is addressed by this study.

    How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

    Good thesis statement can be written on a properly selected topic and cleverly created thesis. There are some characteristics important for a good thesis statement. Knowing these help students understand how to write thesis statement. The thesis statement has to be concise and full. It should include the total scope of the thesis and nothing more. Thesis statement should be very specific and cannot be vague on the work described, the argument supported or the question answered by the thesis. It should be wide enough to cover the scope of the topic and narrow enough to contain the research within the limits of the project.

    Examples of Good Thesis Statements

    Students must study some good sample thesis statements to learn how to write thesis statement. Following are some good thesis statements on which a good thesis could be written.

    • US must ratify Kyoto protocol forthwith.

    • Terrorists should never be paid ransoms for releasing hostages.

    • Experiments for creating black holes at Large Hadron Collider, are too risky and should be suspended.

    • Killing a man is murder and should be condemned in all consequences even though killing an enemy soldier in a war adds to the soldier’s bravery.

    • The steep rise in the prices of food items going to bring in another food crisis in 2011.

    • There is a direct link between national culture and the type of work commitment of employees.

    • Motivation is a causal variable that impacts the success of organisational knowledge integration.

    • Dictionary application in mobile phones is a useful software tool.

    Thesis Writing Made Easy with Professional Help

    There are some who argue that getting help is bad when writing a thesis. Actually help is needed by every person if something could not be done alone, if some work is difficult to be completed or if something needs improvements. This is why the world needs lot of teachers, lecturers, instructors, consultants, mentors, trainers, coaches and tutors etc. In addition to all these professional people around us, we also need guidance from friends, parents and others for successful completion of a task. A thesis project is of no difference. Therefore, students shall never hesitate to get thesis help when necessary and should not postpone getting it, if the need is felt.

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