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Makings of a Successful Power Thesis

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    Power Thesis is written by students Researching on Electrical Engineering

    Power thesis is written by the students researching on Electrical Power Engineering. As the word “power” has meanings other than Electrical or Mechanical Power, students in other disciplines also write power thesis on different topics related to power. Examples are Political Science students writing power theses on Power Politics, and Psychology students writing power thesis on use of power in relationships. However most of the power theses are written for presenting the research conducted by engineering students on problems related to electrical power and allied topics.

    Research Problems for Power Theses

    Identifying an interesting research problem for the thesis is not an easy task. Students cannot select any problem on their own, because the department will have to assign a suitable supervisor with knowledge on the selected topic. The department should have all the laboratory, workshop and computer facilities that will be required for the research project. Only after selecting a suitable research problem in consultation with the department, student can start work on writing a thesis proposal. Defining the research problem and writing the thesis statement is the first step in making the thesis proposal.

    Choose a Research Problem of Current Interest

    There are many problems faced by the power industry that are begging for solutions. Power generating companies, transmission and distribution companies and the organizations active in renewable energy have many problems that may interest any in Electrical Power Engineering student to do a research and write a power thesis. Normally the companies have their own Research and Development Departments to carryout in-house research, but they refer these problems to universities also and make funds and facilities available for the research. Some students can get grants or scholarships for their research and thesis from the companies interested in these problems.

    Writing the Thesis to present the Results and Evaluation

    After preparing and getting the approval for the thesis proposal which may take a few months, students spend their time setting up and conducting experiments, writing computer programs, collecting data from power plants, transmission and distribution utilities and meeting technical people in the industry to discuss various issues related to the problem being researched. After months of arduous actual research, students will have to submit the final thesis. Writing the first draft can be done in parts parallel to the work. However, students should work according to the thesis plan with specific target dates made for the thesis proposal and write the thesis on the thesis outline prepared at the beginning.

    Thesis Help will make your Thesis Exceptionally Outstanding

    In researching and writing a thesis on a problem in Power, theoretical advice will be forthcoming from the advisor and the senior faculty. It is true that students cannot buy thesis and submit to earn their degrees when doing a Master’s degree or a Doctorate in power engineering. Still, there are many areas that the student may need help for completing the power thesis. By getting help for reviewing literature review, writing the thesis with necessary tables, graphs, pictures and photos, editing and proofreading, writing computer programs, locating special equipment etc. will not only save time for the student but will make the final thesis exceptionally outstanding.

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