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How to write an introduction for an essay

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    Every time we sit down and try to write an essay the first thing we try is to write a good introduction for essay. Making the essay more interesting and to attract more readers an excellent introduction is required. Everyone, including student or an experienced writer are always trying to overcome the challenge of writing the introduction. There are various types of introductions for essays available. The topic of an essay can be started in the generalized form and gradually the story may reach to a specific point. Sometimes to make an essay very interesting you may start with a nice quotation that is related to the specific topic. The quotation can be a famous one or may be an instant fruit of your creative mind. In case you cannot think of any quotation and still want to make the beginning very attractive then start with a story that will ultimately lead to your topic. The story can be told by the writer or may be in third person.

    These are a few techniques that might be applicable for a good introduction of essays and used widely. There are other effective methods are also available. We may discuss the topic by using some of the examples of introductions for essays. Let’s say you start an essay by describing the importance of the topic used in the essay or may ask several questions in the beginning to the readers while the answers may lead to the topic of the essay. These techniques are very useful to keep the concentration of the readers and will force them to read the whole essay in the quest of quenching the thirst of curiosity. Now there are also other parts of an introductory statement of an essay like a thesis, mapping statement etc. It is also true that these are all optional portions of the introductory paragraphs. It depends on the taste or personal choice of the writer, whether they use any thesis or mapping statement. In thesis statement or statements you may declare the present status of the topic.

    After the thesis statements you need to put some arguments to support the thesis statement and that is called mapping statements. A mapping statement may consist with single or multiple arguments to support the theory you have declared in your previous statement. All of the above methods are very effective and popular for writing very interesting introductory statements for essays. There is no doubt that the introduction of an essay is the most important part. It depends on your imagination and writing skill that increase the interest of a reader. If you can create a mystery over your topic at the beginning of the essay and show your originality as a writer then it will definitely create an impression on the mind of the readers. An innovative strategy to make readers addicted towards the essay should be the main concern and for that cause a writer may choose any kind of trick or use any writing skill.

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