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How to Write a Good Essay

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    When people hear the word “essay” they subconsciously associate it with their college studies. Certainly, we used to write lots of essays at school and in college as it is the best way to learn how to express thoughts. But essay has far more broad meaning: a creative or a narrative nonfiction essay is a second name for it. We usually come across with such essays in literary or commercial magazines. In personal essay an author tells about any sort of thing that is of great importance for him. Actually, this is the most popular type of creative nonfiction.

    How to Choose the Topic?

    Personal essay may concern anything you can imagine. As a rule, author wants to share some interesting moments or some useful advise with the reader. But how to make your essay interesting for the reader? First of all you need to choose a topic you consider you are good in.

    College Essay

    So we have ruled out what essay is, but college essay is a certain sort of thing, so it requires keeping to a series of rules while writing. Generally college essay is written at an entering examination and is supposed to show the committee that a student is worth accepting. Admission committee should realize that the student is able to express his opinion using logical arguments. In addition it is favorable to keep to the manner that will show some features of the student’s character and personality.

    What Makes a Good Essay

    ● Show your reader an exciting subject and give him a chance to think a little.

    Use some questions which you are not supposed to give answer to! Show your reader that your goal is to make him think a little, but not just search for somebody’s point of view.

    ● Show your own point of view

    Of course you are writing about people and events, but still the reader needs to feel you attitude to the matter. The best way to reach the reader is to convince him that the subject concerns you very much.

    ● Take ideas from your life.

    Any subject that inspired you and created a rush of writing in you will be a good subject. In order to collect all the ideas, you should better write them down in order not to forget them. At the moment when you will start writing it will be easy for you to get inspiration from your notes.

    ● Use the hook.

    In our time people are too busy to read long articles so you should give information in a concentrated manner. The most substantial ideas should be displayed in the first sentences. In such case, the reader will make sure that the article is worth continue reading.

    ● Speak from yourself.

    In order to avoid too official manner, try to use active voice. Keep to a conversational manner but avoid too informal language. Your essay shouldn’t become a science fiction but don’t make it too easy and boring.

    ● Try to be concise.

    Your essay will have success if it will be tight and concise enough. No extra words, no fluff, only specific thoughts – that’s the sign of that you have been thinking about your reader’s time writing your essay.

    ● Make connection with the reader.

    You are to express your own ideas in your essay, but the reader need to understand what you are writing about. So make your main idea recognizable to your reader.


    So the main thing for you to remember: you need to find the subject that will concern many people, in such case you will broaden your reader’s audience. Really it doesn’t matter what you are going to tell about: continuous philosophical matters or a hair shampoo that you’ve bought yesterday. If your reader came across such a problem in his life and it is quite important for him – you have reached the goal!

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