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Writing an Analytical Thesis

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    Some Tips To Help You Write an Analytical Thesis

    When you are writing an analytical paper, you have to break down an idea or an issue into its component parts, evaluate the idea, and present the breakdown and the evaluation to your readers. Your analytical thesis statement has to explain:

    – What it is you are analyzing

    – The different parts of your analysis

    – The order in which you are going to present your analysis

    For example, an analysis of mid 1980’s pop musicians reveals two types of pop stars: those who imitated Bon Jovi and those who imitated Boy George.

    The reader of your thesis writing would expect you to explain to him how you analyzed the musicians, and after that, he would want to know all about these two groups.

    You have to ask yourself the following questions while you are writing your analytical thesis : What did I analyze? What did I discover in the course of my analysis? How can my discoveries be categorized? In what order should my discoveries be presented?

    The thesis statement of your analytical essay is of critical importance; it should be very specific, and should cover only what you will be discussing in your paper, and this has to be supported with specific evidence. It should appear towards the end of the first paragraph of your paper.

    Here is an example of an analytical thesis statement: The college admission process, when analyzed, reveals one challenge facing the counselors: should they accept students with strong test scores, or students with excellent extracurricular backgrounds?

    The paper following this statement should explain the analysis of the college admission process, and it should also explain the challenge facing the admissions counselors.

    General guidelines: An analytical thesis is useful when a fuller understanding of an examined object is required. The object of your investigations can be anything: it can be a piece of art, an event, or a literary work. Whatever your chosen object, it is important to prepare for writing your thesis.

    When you have chosen your object, you have to take it apart and examine each part thoroughly. Your object has to be examined in its historical context; for instance, if it is a painting, you have to examine how it is connected to its epoch and what are its artistic features. You may have to discover the message of the object – for example, what is it the author wanted to say in an evaluated book?

    Some tips on analytical essay writing: When you are analyzing your subject, write down all the ideas that come to you. All of them may not appear in your analytical essay, but you will have plenty of choice. Also, you never know what idea you can come up with – it can turn out to be something outstanding.

    Don’t hesitate if you have come upon a new, unordinary idea – write it down.

    You might think this crazy, but it is a good idea if you tried to fall in love with your topic. If you feel inspired in writing your analytical thesis, your writing will depict your inspiration, and you are sure to get a positive feedback.

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